Sermons on Transfiguration


The transfiguration of Jesus – was it to end like Elijah’s transport into heaven? The brightness had disappeared, and Jesus was still there with them. It was not yet time. The disciples had wanted “just a little more time”, and they got it. Leading into the events of Lent, we take time today to examine…

A New Face

Just when we think we know all about someone, we can find ourselves surprised… When the disciples saw Jesus being transfigured on the mountain, they saw Him on a new level. How well do we know Jesus today? Are we truly enlightened, or can we stop, look, listen, and put a new face on Him?

Listen to Him!

When Peter, James, and John climbed the mountain with Jesus, the disciples saw Him as He truly was – as the Son of God standing with Moses and Elijah, dazzling in brightness. When God spoke, he simply said, “Listen to Him!” Jesus later asks them if they have been paying attention. There is a difference…