Sermons by Pastor Vern Lintvedt

Senior Pastor

The Logos Became Flesh

After seeing and participating in many Nativity reenactments, we may think we know the story of the Christ Child. Join us as we visit the story one more time — with a focus on making room for Jesus. Thank you for sharing your Christmas Eve with us! We wish you many blessings in the new…

The Diamond Found in the Manger

What is the missing piece of Christmas? A part to a toy? Or perhaps a diamond? If we lost such a treasure, we would stop everything, and search everywhere to find that diamond. In the excitement of Christmas we might concentrate on the setting and miss the diamond. But the setting around it is only…

Witness to the Light

John the Baptist was a powerful witness. He announced the Word becoming Flesh. He bore witness about the Light. As we celebrate the coming of Jesus, so long ago, we remember that God sent His Son to bring us forgiveness and hope. May we, like John, bear witness to the Light!