Sermons on Luke

“Ya Gotta Breathe!!!”

No mater what, you need to breathe. You need air. We all need to breathe physically – and we need to breathe spiritually. We gotta breathe not just air but spiritual Oxygen – the Word of God. Now imagine those living outside the atmosphere of the Church — It is our loving obligation to reach…

Lessons From Life

Where do we learn the lessons from Life? From our successes and our failures. While society teaches greed and covetousness, Jesus warns against these deceitful lessons. If we consider our money and resources as a Gift from God, and we can learn to share them with others, then we can be truly rich.

Lord, Teach us to Pray

Like Tom Hanks in Castaway, we sometimes rely on ourselves or our things instead of God. It may be tempting to rely on our “wilsons” instead of relying on God – but this pushes God aside by trusting in ourselves and not in Him. Our world will have changes but God is still the same.