Sermons by Pastor Matthew Kusch

Associate Pastor

Above and Beyond

In two sermons we see an end and a beginning… Moses gives one last sermon to give to his people before they cross over to the promised land. Jesus speaks to His disciples and the people on the mount. Jesus went above and beyond the law of God–inspiring perfection in His people and setting a…

What Kind of Light

Light is important for people for our physical health and survival. But what about our spiritual health and survival? The Light of our world is Jesus. The Light shines in the darkness and the darkness could not put it out. He shone for the people then and for you and for me today.

Our Baptism

Baptism is important – so much that each believer must be baptized to be freed from our sins. As our sins are washed away, we are each made new. But why did Jesus come to John to be baptized? Why did He allow it to be so, and what does this mean for us today?

A Familiar Story

How does a story begin? And how does it continue? Is it familiar? Matthew tells the story from the perspective of the story through Jesus, Israel reduced to one man – Jesus Christ. To do this, God sent his Son to save us and to take our place. This is why He came and lived…

A Christmas Story

The Christmas story is familiar to each of us. But have we ever thought about the Christmas story from Joseph’s point of view? Join us for this unique perspective on the arrival of Christ our Savior into the world he was born to save. Our family at Blessed Savior Wishes you and your family a…

Upon the Mountaintops

Mountains have inspired awe for thousands of years. God has done some of his most amazing work from high places. Upon a dark hill, shepherds heard a heavenly message. What did this message mean for the shepherds, what does it mean for us, and what does this mean for the darkness?

Fire and Praise

Fear of the unknown. Fear of the end. It can grip us, as it gripped the men and women of Jesus’ time. What will change, what will we lose? They were told that God would come with fire and sword! The world would change, but what would take its place? Not one stone would be…

Saintly Children

All Saint’s Day – where did it come from? The original saints offered thanksgiving and prayer to God. Even through trials and tribulations, they persevered, staying strong in their faith. What can we draw from their lives and their faith? How can we take these lessons and apply them to our lives today?