Sermons on Mark

Two Parades

Holy Week’s Two Parades

During Holy Week, there was not one parade – but two… Join us as we revisit and remember the joyful procession of Palm Sunday, and the somber walk to Golgotha. Bringing these events forward, we are faced with the choice., We must ask ourselves, which parade will we join?


Tempting Trials

Lent is a time of trials and a time of reflection. As we reflect on the trials and temptations of Jesus we are reminded of our own temptations – temptations we experience each and every day. Temptation is not a single big event, more often it is a series of small constant events. The power…

Healing in His Wings

Jesus healed the sick and the lame, drove out demons, and performed many other miracles. We can see our God was a loving God who kept close to His people. What about when God seems far away, or doesn’t seem to answer to our prayers? Join Pastor Matt on a personal journey to rediscover faith…

Cost of Discipleship

There was a man lived in a trying time. He devoted himself in service to God, imploring the church to maintain their faithfulness in spite of all that was going on. Dietrich Bonhoeffer was such a man, and this was his Cost of Discipleship. When Jesus called the Disciples, they left everything to follow Him.…