Sermons on Mark (Page 2)

Looking for a Healthy Diet?

Ever been on a diet? Diets are a struggle. We get started then it’s a downward slide. But the best kind of food is organic and unprocessed. As Jesus provided loaves and fish to the five thousand, He continues to provide us a healthy spiritual diet in the bread and wine of communion. May this…

Healing in His Wings

God brings healing in his wings, this goes hand in hand with faith in Him. But is our faith foremost in our minds at all times? Faith and patience go hand in had – but how often have we lost our patience? Join us as we explore two stories of faith, where the prayers of…

Whose Are You?

We are the Children of God. Yet we sin. We belonged to God at one point – but now there is a divide. We cannot cross this divide no matter how hard we try…but God can. God came to repair the will of a broken people, and to gather his flock. So whose are you?…

Two Parades

Holy Week’s Two Parades

During Holy Week, there was not one parade – but two… Join us as we revisit and remember the joyful procession of Palm Sunday, and the somber walk to Golgotha. Bringing these events forward, we are faced with the choice., We must ask ourselves, which parade will we join?