Sermons on Epiphany

Above and Beyond

In two sermons we see an end and a beginning… Moses gives one last sermon to give to his people before they cross over to the promised land. Jesus speaks to His disciples and the people on the mount. Jesus went above and beyond the law of God–inspiring perfection in His people and setting a…

What Kind of Light

Light is important for people for our physical health and survival. But what about our spiritual health and survival? The Light of our world is Jesus. The Light shines in the darkness and the darkness could not put it out. He shone for the people then and for you and for me today.

Life Sunday

On this sanctity of life Sunday, and every day, we look for meaning in our human existence. Isaiah reminds us Jesus was human, he took on human form and lived his life with us on Earth. But did He labor in vain, did He spend His strength for nothing? No! Jesus was brought to bring…

Our Baptism

Baptism is important – so much that each believer must be baptized to be freed from our sins. As our sins are washed away, we are each made new. But why did Jesus come to John to be baptized? Why did He allow it to be so, and what does this mean for us today?

Blessing and Woes

The Beatitudes seem to present a challenge to life – where being poor is a both challenge and a blessing. The poor are lifted up as inheritors of the Kingdom of God, and the rich will be sent away hungry. How can we keep from a reliance on status or resources to make room for…