Sermons on Psalms

Blessed for Life

On Life Sunday, we stop to consider the worth of a life. Jesus’ life teaches us the value of each of our lives, and to value the lives of others as our own. When we feel otherwise, we need to remember that each of us is special in God’s eyes – we are precious children…

Why Give Thanks?

Why do we give thanks to God on this Thanksgiving Day? Has anyone asked why you thank God on this day? And when asked, what would you say? In Psalm 100, the psalmist gives us five wonderful reasons to be thankful this day and every other. We here at Blessed Savior pray that you and…

A Mighty Fortress

499 years ago, Martin Luther started a discussion that has continued to this day. His work to return the Church to the Word of God made a lasting impact, and his translation of the Bible made God’s Word available for all. His Word is a mighty fortress filled with surprises and grace. Let’s listen.