Sermons (Page 12)

The Hometown Kid

When Jesus read the scripture in the temple in his hometown of Nazareth, he was not well received in his hometown. They were expecting something else and someone else. But he was sent for all, both Jew and Gentile. For all of us! Let’s listen…                    …

Looking for the Light

God brought the light and separated the light from the darkness so many years ago. We still face darkness today that can take many different forms. When we are in need, help us to remember there is still light for us, the light of Christ. We at Blessed Savior are blessed to be able to…

Overcoming Anxiety

As we live through the days of our holiday 2015, are we anxious? Let’s listen to the word of the apostle Paul as he reminds us to Rejoice! Rejoice! Help us to calm our spirits and focus on the One who really matters this Christmas season – our Savior Jesus Christ.