Sermons (Page 12)

John the Doubter

John had sent messengers to confirm with Jesus, was he really the one? Like John, we can have our doubts. As we come down from our “mountaintop experiences,” we also succumb to doubt. Jesus gives us the antidote for doubt, our faith in him. Lord, help us to trust and to be willing to get…

Happy Science – Angry John

John the Baptist challenged the Jews to complete change as the world prepared for Christ.What would inspire such a revolutionary change? The pending arrival of Jesus Christ, requiring a complete change of mind and direction. May we also be ready for personal repentance and preparation to follow our Lord Jesus Christ! He promises victory over death and…

a spontaneous thanksgiving

When giving thanks is genuine and spontaneous, it motivates us. It’s infectious, and hard to keep hidden. We want to share with others. When our joy comes from faith in Christ, it shines through in all we do. May God’s blessings bring His joy to you and your family at Thanksgiving and always!

A Mighty Fortress

499 years ago, Martin Luther started a discussion that has continued to this day. His work to return the Church to the Word of God made a lasting impact, and his translation of the Bible made God’s Word available for all. His Word is a mighty fortress filled with surprises and grace. Let’s listen.