Sermons (Page 12)

A Visit With Amos

We look in on Amos during the time he was called to the northern capital city. God called him to meet with the believers of the time to examine their lives and their business. He went to remind them they, like us, must strive to follow God in all things and every day, not just…

Lost and Found

Spending too much time with nonmembers? Going into the jail? What’s up with that? This was Jesus’ practice, to welcome the bad element of his time, so they could hear the word. Like Jesus, may we reach out to others, and by doing so, strengthen our own faith! Help us to seek out the lost,…

To Be A Disciple

What’s involved in being a disciple? Renouncing all that we have? It’s tough! How can we avoid failure? Jesus gives us hope that we can follow Him in spite of our human frailties. Let’s listen. We welcome our guest pastor this week, Pastor Gary Byers, Pastor Emeritus at Zion Lutheran Church, Belleville IL