Sermons on I Peter

Faithful Suffering

After Christ went up into heaven, what next? His Disciples spread his word, and were met with suffering and death. How could they take insult and suffering as a blessing? The world may not always be kind but remember — He is with us even to the end of the age.

The Gospel in Your Words

When Peter was confronted between Palm Sunday and the Crucifixion, he had several chances to share his faith – but he did not. His testimony did not communicate the Gospel of our Lord. When we have opportunities to share our faith, what do we say? What will you say? Always have a reason for the…

that we may be one!

When Jesus said His last final goodbye, John 17 captured this prayer, a prayer for who and what mattered most to Him:      “May God’s people be one!” Today, we sometimes pull back and exist in isolation. May we strive to be one, to overlook our differences, and tear down those barriers. Lord, help us…