Sermons on James

Have We Trials and Temptations?

As we face the trials and temptations of our lives, let us remind ourselves what those trials may mean, and how God intends everything for good. Our guest pastor this week is Rev. Tony Troup. Thank you Pastor Tony for today’s message!

The Lord Will Lift You Up!

Do we become envious of other peoples health, wealth, possessions over anything else? Or perhaps we gravitate towards friendship with the world making us enemies of God? What can we do about these sins that we don’t discuss and keep locked inside? James gives us seven specific instructions to deal with this. As we work…


Tempting Trials

Lent is a time of trials and a time of reflection. As we reflect on the trials and temptations of Jesus we are reminded of our own temptations – temptations we experience each and every day. Temptation is not a single big event, more often it is a series of small constant events. The power…

The Prayer of the Righteous

Prayer of the righteous person has great power. Elijah prayed fervently – and God answered his prayers. Do miraculous events still occur? Or are we done with miracles? Can only unique spokesmen like Elijah pray for miracles? How can we pray like Elijah? Join us as we explore the power of prayer in sickness and…