Sermons on Phillipians


On this Palm Sunday, we look at this pivotal week of Jesus ministry as Holy Week begins. Join us Thursday and Friday at 7PM, and come celebrate our Lord’s resurrection on Sunday, March 31st at 9:30. Our Guest Pastor this week is Rev Peter Kirby

What Price Love

Kenosis – the process of Jesus emptying Himself shows us the lengths Christ would go to in order to bring salvation to us. As we reflect on these events – from His entry into Jerusalem, His crucifixion and death, to His glorious Resurrection, may we also enter into His humble mindset.

Why Thanksgiving?

In 60 A.D., Paul wrote to the Philippians from his cell in Rome. In spite of the harsh conditions he wrote not in despair but with a thankful heart. His last words were how to respond with thankfulness to the promises of God. What are we thankful for today? As we gather with family and…

Let Us Ever Walk With Jesus

Taking a walk is a natural and rewarding activity. Walking in The Way with Jesus can help our mindset. The Passion story reminds us of the events of Jesus’ last week on earth, of His walk to His trial, crucifixion, and resurrection. Jesus was obedient as the terrain changed, changing to the point of death,…

To Be A Disciple

What’s involved in being a disciple? Renouncing all that we have? It’s tough! How can we avoid failure? Jesus gives us hope that we can follow Him in spite of our human frailties. Let’s listen. We welcome our guest pastor this week, Pastor Gary Byers, Pastor Emeritus at Zion Lutheran Church, Belleville IL