Sermons by Pastor Vern Lintvedt


The Man in Full

When John baptized Jesus, the crowds thought John was the Christ the Messiah but they were wrong. John was not ‘the man in full’ that had been prophesied. Jesus was different. Jesus brought not fear but acceptance, awe and wonder. What does it take for us today to become men and women in full? To have…

Be On Your Guard

Following Jesus’ actions in the temple, he tells us of the destruction of the temple in the future. When will all this happen? What will be the signs? We continue to wonder when He will come back even to this day. While we wait for Him, what should we be looking for?

The Prayer of the Righteous

Prayer of the righteous person has great power. Elijah prayed fervently – and God answered his prayers. Do miraculous events still occur? Or are we done with miracles? Can only unique spokesmen like Elijah pray for miracles? How can we pray like Elijah? Join us as we explore the power of prayer in sickness and…