Sermons (Page 3)

Saintly Children

All Saint’s Day – where did it come from? The original saints offered thanksgiving and prayer to God. Even through trials and tribulations, they persevered, staying strong in their faith. What can we draw from their lives and their faith? How can we take these lessons and apply them to our lives today?

Wrestling with Prayer

In our prayers, we may find ourselves wrestling, with our thoughts and with God. During these times, as we wrestle with prayer, how do we find hope? Each prayer is a personal one-on-one interaction with God. Know that He is there for us as He promised, He has a plan for us, and he will…

Three Truths

What is Jesus saying? Is He going against what God has said? On the contrary, Jesus is sharing three hard truths with His followers. As we listen, let’s examine these truths that we must also take to heart today in order for us to take up our cross and follow Him.