Sermons by Seminarian Kyle Will


When God’s people rebelled in the Old Testament, God should have cut them off  ΜΆ  but He didn’t!  What was His plan for Israel, what is His plan for us, and how can we have access to God’s Grace today?


A hard question to answer sometimes… When the city of Jerusalem fell to the Babylonians, people asked why… When we face hardships today, we ask why… We don’t always get an answer but we do have the promise of a Savior – one would come to crush the serpents head. Jesus came, and as we…

The Choice Point

In our discussion of crossroads this Lenten season, every event and decision led up to the choice point faced by Jesus of Nazareth. Facing Pilate, the beatings and humiliation of the Crucifixion, Jesus could have chosen differently, but he made His Choice–for us!