Services will be held online only through May

UPDATE: We are following the current guidance and holding all services online – only until further notice. Please continue to worship online with us – by clicking on “our latest service” and please feel free to explore our library of sermons and bible studies. May God bless and keep you and your family close and healthy during this challenging time!


As you should already know we are cancelling services for a week and possibly  more.  This was really not a difficult call.  The COVID-19 virus is spreading and according to recent reports the first 2 cases of the Corona virus have been confirmed in St. Clair Co. (see attachment).  While the virus seems to affect the senior population most adversely, we all have a responsibility to protect them even if we feel we are not at risk.  That is the neighborly thing to do.  That is a God-pleasing act.

Thanks to Eric Stake we were able to record the full service (less Communion) and it can be found on our website  The text of the service is also on the “Sermon” tab along with the audio so you can follow  along with the service.  We will use this format on Wednesday (Mar 18) and next Sunday (Mar 22) with the hope that the virus will be in decline and we can resume normal services on Wed Mar 25. That will be Brian Doel’s last sermon before he receives his call. 

While personal contact is being discouraged, most of us have a cell phone or computer and therefore have the means to “see” our neighbors through Facetime or Skype.  If you know an elderly person who is alone, give them a call and ask them how they are doing and if they have any need.   One of the greatest gifts of God we have to give our neighbor is our friendship.  Jesus said, “I have called you friends.”  Let’s do our best to be good neighbors as Jesus was and is for us.  Kim also mentioned this should not be a day to waste.  Let Sunday be a day of prayer for the world, for our nation, for our military personnel, our government officials, our health care professionals, first responders, police, firefighters, etc. Don’t forget our pastors, church workers, and missionaries throughout the world. And please don’t forget those who do not know the Lord.  Not many people feel comfortable confronting the lost.  Caring is the perfect way God has given us to show others God’s love.  Actions are better than words! 

God Bless Your Sabbath’s Rest,

Pastor Vern