Church Photos Update — Event Delayed UFN

Dear BSLC family,

Due to concerns because of the COVID-19 virus we will be rescheduling the BSLC Directory Photo shoot for a different date.  It will not be taking place this weekend of Friday the 20th or Saturday the 21st.  We are working with LifeTouch to reschedule a different date once things return to normal.  If you receive a reminder email or phone call about your appointment please disregard it.  Once a new date is chosen a new sign-up will occur. 

Church Photos are Coming!!!

We are thrilled to announce our new Church Directory is coming! We will be taking photos of every church family soon, and incorporating these photos into our Church Pictorial Directory. Please click the following link to sign up and reserve your photo appointment:

On the day, be sure to arrive a few minutes early so you can be ready at your scheduled time. Thank you for helping make our Pictorial Directory a success!