Upcoming Events

Sunday School

Classes for everyone from pre-K through adult. Come learn with us!

Office Closed

The office will be closed today in honor of civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr.

Ladies Bible Study

Join us for our weekly bible study! May 22nd will be our end of year luncheon… Sep 4th is our welcome back brunch!

Choir Practice

Join us every Wednesday evening for singing. All voices welcome to come make a joyful noise!!!

Lord Of The Rings Bible Study, Part III

Join us as we examine the Christian influence and themes present in “The Lord Of The Rings” movie in our upcoming Friday Night Bible Study. We will take several evenings to explore the movie – this time digging into the LOTR movies not just to simply have a fun time, but to understand and see…

Day of Prayer at Blessed Savior Lutheran Church

Join us for our Day of Prayer! Contact the church office or Brian Lloyd to sign up for 30-minute blocks throughout Saturday. We will be praying for our congregation, our nation and our individual prayer concerns. Send any prayers you wish to include to Brian Lloyd: bjlloydc5kc10@hotmail.com.

K.O.O.L. Choir Practice

The Kids Of Our Lord (K.O.O.L.) choir meets every second Sunday immediately after second service for lunch followed by singing. Come sing with us! All voices welcome!


Our quilting group meets every first Tuesday of the month from 10 to 3. All quilts are crafted from donated fabric and completed quilts are sent by Lutheran World Relief to where they are most needed around the world. Join us for fun and fellowship!