Sermons (Page 3)

Eyes on the Prize

We’ve all heard this, always looking ahead and striving for that goal. Jesus kept his eyes on the cross and resurrection and our salvation – He had his eyes set on us. It can be a challenge for us today – we should strive to keep our eyes on Christ as our prize.  

Jesus teaches true forgiveness

How do we practice true forgiveness? Do we keep score and pat ourselves on the back once we have forgiven seven times? Or is there more? Forgiveness requires generosity and sometimes brings change. It is a long term event, a marathon. May we also be generous and forgiving to others in our daily walk, wherever…

How to be Great

When Jesus shared the news of His death and resurrection, the disciples asked who will be the greatest in His kingdom? Even today, it’s easy to apply earthly standards – but this comes from inside us. Children of the ancient world relied on their parents. In the same way we must also be like children…

Following Jesus

As the disciples followed Jesus they faced many challenges. As we follow in His footsteps Today, as we try to pick up our cross and follow Him, we face challenges of our own. Take heart! As we walk in The Way, He brings comfort to us and to those around us.