Sermons (Page 2)

Lenten Praise?

Are there reasons for praise in the Lenten season? Yes! As we remember the 40 days of Lent do not count each Sunday, for Sunday are kept as a day of praise. May we give thanks to the Lord this day and every day for his bounteous gifts and boundless love!    

Absolute Justice

People have always been concerned with (obsessed with?) justice. The dispensing of Justice can reassure, calm and comfort. God’s Justice is dispensed many times throughout the bible. But God’s idea of justice is not the people’s idea of justice. Jesus told the people that God’s justice is not based on others, but ourselves. This can…

Blessed Is He!

Drama in the house. Today’s Gospel brings drama – during Jesus’ travel to Jerusalem. The Pharisees were trying to warn him – or so it seems? While they warned him of Hero’s threat – there is something more threatening than Herod – the people’s rebelliousness. As Jesus ministered to the people so long ago, He…