Three Truths

What is Jesus saying? Is He going against what God has said? On the contrary, Jesus is sharing three hard truths with His followers. As we listen, let’s examine these truths that we must also take to heart today in order for us to take up our cross and follow Him.

Narrow Door, Wide Kingdom

Thank you for joining us for our worship in the park!  As we continue our journey through the Gospel of St Luke, we explore some of the paradoxes inherent in Jesus teachings and ministry – paradoxes that puzzle yet ultimately reassure us of God’s love for us and our place in His Kingdom. Let’s listen.

Jesus the Arsonist?

Jesus came to bring peace – but what if the people do not accept that peace? This decision faced the people in Jesus’ time, and it continues to face us today. Turn back to God or continue in sin? How do we make this decision? Ignore it, put it off, or move forward? When following…