Sermons on Lent

Agnus Dei

As we consider the events of Good Friday, we reflect on the events of Christ’s crucifixion as the Lamb of God presented through art. These two images accompany tonight’s sermon: Agnus Dei by Francisco de Zurbaran St Cecilia by Stefano Maderno


When God’s people rebelled in the Old Testament, God should have cut them off  ΜΆ  but He didn’t!  What was His plan for Israel, what is His plan for us, and how can we have access to God’s Grace today?

A King’s Ransom

On this Palm Sunday, we remember the concept of a king’s ransom, of paying an enormous price to save a life. But Jesus had no ransom charged. As had been foretold, no one paid, no one even stepped forward to help. As we reflect on the events of that Holy Week so long ago, we…

Lenten Praise?

Are there reasons for praise in the Lenten season? Yes! As we remember the 40 days of Lent do not count each Sunday, for Sunday are kept as a day of praise. May we give thanks to the Lord this day and every day for his bounteous gifts and boundless love!    

Absolute Justice

People have always been concerned with (obsessed with?) justice. The dispensing of Justice can reassure, calm and comfort. God’s Justice is dispensed many times throughout the bible. But God’s idea of justice is not the people’s idea of justice. Jesus told the people that God’s justice is not based on others, but ourselves. This can…