Sermons on Isaiah

Life Sunday

On this sanctity of life Sunday, and every day, we look for meaning in our human existence. Isaiah reminds us Jesus was human, he took on human form and lived his life with us on Earth. But did He labor in vain, did He spend His strength for nothing? No! Jesus was brought to bring…

Our Baptism

Baptism is important – so much that each believer must be baptized to be freed from our sins. As our sins are washed away, we are each made new. But why did Jesus come to John to be baptized? Why did He allow it to be so, and what does this mean for us today?

Why Sing Christmas Carols?

As we conclude Advent and prepare to celebrate our Lord’s Birth in a manger so long ago, we sing carols. What is it about the Christmas carol that is so special? We hope you will join us Christmas eve at 7PM and 1130PM as we celebrate the birth of our Lord–our family at Blessed Savior…

When Jesus Comes

Tempers suddenly ignite – wars and conflict flare – our world is filled with strife. As we long for peace, how can we find this peace at Christmas? Long ago, Isaiah sought peace. His words told of a coming Savior who is Christ the Lord. What hope can we take from these words, to find…

Rising Light

Sadness. Depression. When all around us seems sad and hopeless, what are we to do? Into the sadness long ago, Isaiah brought a message of hope and light, a message of radiance and glory. When we are in the darkness, there is a light. We can arise and shine, for our light has come! Jesus…

Upon the Mountaintops

Mountains have inspired awe for thousands of years. God has done some of his most amazing work from high places. Upon a dark hill, shepherds heard a heavenly message. What did this message mean for the shepherds, what does it mean for us, and what does this mean for the darkness?

Upon This Mountain

When Jesus cast out the demons from the man who had been possessed. The man wanted to stay with Jesus. Instead, Jesus sent the man back and told him to go and proclaim all that Jesus had done for him. May we today rejoice in His cleansing power, and may we also go out with…

Lenten Praise?

Are there reasons for praise in the Lenten season? Yes! As we remember the 40 days of Lent do not count each Sunday, for Sunday are kept as a day of praise. May we give thanks to the Lord this day and every day for his bounteous gifts and boundless love!